The Accushield Kiosk is Being Used by Civitas Senior Living to Screen Staff for COVID-19 Related Symptoms

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Continuing its rapid response to the growing coronavirus pandemic, Civitas Senior Living is utilizing the Accushield visitor and staff sign-in kiosk to record the body temperature of their staff and ask COVID-19-related Screening questions before staff is permitted to enter resident living areas.

All staff and visitors that enter Civitas Senior Living communities will first need to answer screening questions regarding coronavirus risk factors as well as record their current body temperature on the kiosk. If the answers to the screening questions and the body temperature readings are within acceptable parameters, staff members are able to print a validated name badge and may enter the Civitas community they work in or are visiting.

The new staff feature allows Civitas Senior Living to screen all individuals who enter their buildings, rather than screening only visitors, outside healthcare providers and other vendors.

"Our communities have made it a priority to protect our residents, staff, and healthcare visitors by screening everyone coming into our community from the outside for COVID-19 risk factors," says Cooper Vittitow, Co-Founder and President of Civitas Senior Living. "By using the Accushield system to screen outside essential healthcare personnel and staff, we are lessening the risk that our residents and staff will be exposed to the virus."

The staff screening feature is available immediately for Communities using the Accushield sign-in and screening kiosk at no additional charge. During the development of this staff screening feature, Accushield included a text Alert function that can be sent to the managers in the community should someone fail the screening protocol.

About Accushield: The Accushield Visitor and Staff Sign-in and screening kiosk replaces the traditional visitor logs at the entrances to Senior Living Communities. In addition, this touchscreen tablet-based sign-in Kiosk can record the temperature of staff/visitors and ask COVID-19-related questions. For more information, please contact Accushield at [email protected] or call 404-301-3101

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